Does Relationships Require Our Ongoing Attention?

Although relationships form the building block for any engaging community, yet sustaining it is quite a challenge. Oh, my friend sometimes it’s quite a task 😀

Maintaining our close personal relationships requires a lot of our energy and time—you can’t deny that 😉 When growing up, I thought it was natural for us to love one another? I never realised that my parents worked hard to keep us all together but now that I have learned it, I do my bit to keep it all in place. Whenever I get overwhelmed with the demands of a relationship, I remind myself of the good times we had together. It did not come easily, especially when you are frustrated it takes a lot of strength to reflect on the good about the person/object that leads you to it. It may have taken me a while but I learnt the lesson that every moment cannot be picture perfect. So, I have learned to stand up to the challenge.

Remember it is impossible to keep everyone happy all the time- we have to stay happy to keep others happy. Give yourself time and in any healthy relationship the laughter should always outweigh the frustration.Yeah, relationship can get difficult at times but not all the time 😂😃

Do relationships need ongoing attention? Absolutely, like the same kind of attention we pay in bettering ourselves. Despite that understanding we are often tempted to take the lazy road. The road which blames others for a failed relationship or worse yet, indulges in self-blame. Look at any relationship that we have or had. Some we all might have lost to the issues of incompatibility. Isn’t compatibility something we make than what we have? Seriously I think- compatibility is the most overrated quality today.

Anyway, let’s leave it at that. Have you ever observed the Mother nature? She teaches us many valuable lessons.

It is raining here and when I look up at the sky. I wonder are we not like the clouds.

Clouds-Some battered and some softened by the weathers of life. Each cloud might carry a different story and they may differ in color, shape, speed, altitude and various others. But, all the clouds are created from the water. We fail to see the oneness behind variety and duality. Living in that ignorance, we pass judgment on another cloud based on the physical aspects alone, don’t we? Some of us have a problem with just about everything.

Instead, why can’t we indulge in more inclusive thought-provoking analysis hby asking ourselves:

 What is the fun,

  • If all clouds look alike?
  • If all drift in the sky at the same speed?
  • If all drop as rain at the same time?

Frankly, what is the fun?

If only we could look deep inside the differently shaped clouds to see what they are made of-the invisible water vapor. We got to remind ourselves that we are there up in the sky for an interim period and there we might look and behave differently from each other. And, that’s what makes it all beautiful, isn’t it?

These simple things in life ground me. Everything around us is teaching us to be humble.

ILook at the sky, it has tons of lessons to teach, only if we are willing to learn.The Sky knows everything about the clouds and they exist because of him. Though clouds are dependent upon the wind, the sky in the backdrop stays an independent observer and without bias loves the clouds anyways. These inspire me to teach myself to be more giving and patient. Not that I succeed all the time but I learn from my missteps 🙂 I recognize and appreciate our human fallibility without falling into skepticism.

I have learnt through my life experiences so far that there is no easy formula out there to building relationships but yet it’s all worth the time. Any conscious relationship-with God or our dear ones demand our love and attention. However complex they might seem at times, they are often the source of our greatest joys. So, lets strive to be that happy Sky.

Image: Calvin and Hobbes

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Sumi Nath

I strongly believe in the maxim 'I am what I think'. A Business degree holder taught to pose 'What's In It For Me?', is now seeking to understand the Real Self. My journey is what you will read here.

9 thoughts on “Does Relationships Require Our Ongoing Attention?”

  1. I was your articles.
    Somehow I got a thing which makes me bit confused.
    It’s about relationship.
    In our today’s world our relationships are being forged by keeping compatibility in mind.
    But. There’s a doubt which society has put infront of me.
    From childhood I have been seeing women as heroes in like Hollywood movies.
    And to be frankly speaking I as a person have few goals in life which I really want to cherish. It’s more of abstract goals. I have read vedanta and all these ideas have become my way of thinking.
    But, when it comes to like having a suitable partner. People say i have high expectations because of the idea of woman i believe in regarding character and intelligence.
    I to be frankly speaking. I fall in love with the qualities of person.
    But. Then there’s a society that says that you would never be able to find a such woman, you should be flexible.
    Means, how can i be flexible in this?
    Like accepting any person.
    I can’t marry a person who is lazy, who likes temporary pleasures and who is not empathetic to the society.
    I can’t.
    So, should I stop having ideals if the world says that you can’t.
    Is it asking too much.
    I hope you shed some light.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. We all at some point have fantasized marrying an ideal partner. We sure could wait till we find one however we should remember that we do not have full control over our life choices.
      Life throws different choices at us and we are only allowed to choose from them.
      Ideals are great to have but they shouldn’t make us rigid. Either we wait for the right choice to come from or take one and make it work.
      According to me, there are no right or wrong choices. right or wrong every relationship will demand time and work.
      In spirituality, there is no walking together-to each his own.


      1. But. That’s not good. Getting to live with someone with whom your core values doesn’t match, it’s suicide. The children born out of incompatible and that too in psyche won’t be right.
        What i mean is that we should certainly have a choice, I mean whatever the profession of the person be, but certainly no compromise in core values.
        Just because if we choose anyone without proper prior intellect stimulation that would be a disaster.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Hahaha..hmmm..I am in love with your thought process. You kind of question everything and it’s good.
        Anyways, let me ask you something-
        Haven’t you had an experience where you thought you knew somebody but with time you felt the person changed or the case where you chose the wrong person. So how can you be really sure that this time around you would make the right choice?
        How can you be sure that your core values match with the other person? How long do you think we should spend with a person to gauge his/her character?
        Also if someone likes you now-Don’t you think that person would agree with you on everything-but for how long?
        Of course we have a choice and we should make one if life pleases to shoot our favorite choices at us.
        But at times life doesn’t leave us with a lot of choices. And if we aren’t flexible then it might be a real let down.
        That’s all I am saying. I am for the choices 🙂


      3. Yeah. I have lot of failed relationships. Just because I liked them initially but later they sort of became a different kind.
        You are right about this.
        That my mind will certainly find a fault in someone even if she’s great.
        Maybe. I think it’s whole based on destiny or particular timing.
        I think I should stop thinking as I’m only 24. 😂
        Few years to go. But, the thing is I believe in love as a partnership for value development, societal welfare and children nurturing.
        Thats why, I was bit concerned about this.

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