Dare to question. Don’t Just Confirm

We may ask,

  • OMG! How can I dare to think I am God or a part of Him?
  • Why meditate on ‘That’ when I am already ‘That’?
  • Isn’t ‘freedom’ also a desire?
  • The ‘Atman’ is like an operating system/Electricity/Space/Water- boring by itself. Am I boring?

These questions appear in anybody who is really interested. There is nothing wrong in probing and no God would be disappointed if questioned. Krishna himself answered numerous questions and he might not be here in person but we are a part of that Infinite reality. So, don’t be hesitant.

Our scriptures do not ask for conformity but they want us to challenge it. They are not asking us to follow a God, per se but they are reminding us that we are God ourselves(Aham Brahmasmi-I am the Infinite Reality).

God in this culture is not greedy or infatuated. He is not a punisher or a slayer or a dictator but Ishvara is the provider, friend, witness, teacher, guardian, wisdom and the supreme goal.(9.18).  We are born into this and it doesn’t deem right to flock like herds in fear of some God.

Ishvara in Gita 13.29 is explained as the Supreme soul – equally present everywhere in all living beings. Samaṁ Paśhyan hi Sarvatra Samavasthitam Iśhvaram.

We are a part of him(15.17). It is not just about scriptures telling this; don’t we get that feeling that we’re being served our past lifetimes on a platter? Do we quietly eat up and continue making more such impressions? Or do we dig past those impressions to find our self?

Everything here is pointing us to our limitless nature. From where does this insatiable desire for things come from? It is unquenchable- how much ever we get we still need more & more. We are always seeking something limitless-be that be the material desires or for immortality or liberation. What does this longing for Infinite limitless experience mean?

Does any of the dualities have boundaries? Love, hatred; happiness, sorrow; loss, gain


To be continued………………

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Published by

Sumi Nath

I strongly believe in the maxim 'I am what I think'. A Business degree holder taught to pose 'What's In It For Me?', is now seeking to understand the Real Self. My journey is what you will read here.

8 thoughts on “Dare to question. Don’t Just Confirm”

  1. Thank you for liking my own post earlier, otherwise I wouldn’t have discovered you blog. I’m loving reading about the Gita and your mystical perspective. It’s always nice to stumble across people with a similar look on life. I’m looking forward to reading more from you!

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  2. Hey. Sumi. I have a question to you, Again 😅.
    I hope you bear my curiosity.
    Well the thing is, In Bhagavad Gita. The theory about karma yoga is given which states that we don’t have control over our results but our work.
    But, if the results are not there then why the person would work hard.
    Then why the person should he believe in “Hard Work”. For example there is a person who keeps on working hard for what he believes in day and day out and even his goals are not egoistic, like he wants to work for the society, love his wife and children, and wants to excel for self satisfaction but if he’s not able to achieve these things, then won’t it make him passive and careless.
    How can a person who have seen nothing but failures in work, failed relationships and failed health can become enthusiastic about hard work.
    How to make him believe that hard work is everything even he has failed, according to Gita.

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    1. Hey Siddharth..keep asking, i look forward to the questions..
      Gita is for activity/work..it says inactivity is impossible.. But like you said, every being involves in any activity(egoistic or otherwise) to derive self-satisfaction(to get happiness)..
      Now since our pursuit is for happiness; Bhagavad Gita subtly reminds us that happiness cannot be derived from something because it is our natural state. So neither the activity nor the results would bring us happiness. With this knowledge we ought to work. How do we do the work..smart/hard work is our choice but it warns us that our natural happy state can be hijacked by sadness if we work for the results..Why? Because the results are dependent upon multiple factors(karmic in nature)..
      Failures are part of everybody’s life. Some failed multiple times before they tasted success. But the failures only made them more determined. why? Because they were happy doing that activity and was just not looking at the results. In fact they learned more from the failures..They didn’t even bother to bracket the results as failures or success.
      So Gita recommends us to use the intellect and decide whether to do the work which is in front of us. And if we choose to do that activity, to do it with total involvement. It is simple, you don’t have control over the results but you do have control over how you do the work.
      so how do we want to work is purely our choice..


      1. You are right about this.
        But this can be applied to those who have good survival options, like food and house.
        Some people have to work because they have family at home or to earn money to just “Survive”.
        Maybe. Failures will matter there and even success.
        In India or any other country where survival matters more than passion.
        This philosophy may seem to take backseat.
        But. Yeah. Thinking of results and day dreaming about it, to be rationally speaking wastes our time which in turn leads to less hard work.
        I think we should have a reminder in there our minds that we have to work and fear of what will happen if we don’t work.
        But what i think, this excerpt doesn’t mean that results will not be there.
        I think this means that if we concentrate on results then we are going to be ignorant of the path and if we are ignorant of the path we will do some mistakes and not achieve it.
        I hope, I’m right?
        Well to be frankly speaking, many young people can become passive if they acquire wrong interpretation of it.
        That’s why they need to keep questioning and clarifying it from someone.
        This is What I am doing now. 😂

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      2. Absolutely right..it can be wrongly interpreted..of course everything begins only after survival is taken care of, even spirituality.. Again survival itself isn’t enough but yeah seeking only starts after that.
        You are right when you said results would follow.. yeah, cent percent sure. whatever we do here, we are sure to get some results but eyeing just the results would not get us there is what Gita says..so it advices us to integrate our energies first in getting the work done right.
        Hahaha..you think u r clarifying but for me ur questions are food for thought. I look forward to them..keep writing ☺️


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