Spirituality-Not Being Mr. or Ms. Right

Do they really exist, the Mr. or Ms. Right?

In fact, thinking ourselves to be one is a dis-ease. How do we ever know what we think or do for others is the right thing? Considering our own likes and dislikes are constantly changing.

But yeah, we surely love when someone addresses us to be either that Mr. or Ms. Right, isn’t it? It is crazy that we care so much about such titles and value others wisdom over our own.  Not only that, the number of sacrifices we think we do to maintain the status quo is beyond mention. And yet, we never forget to mention the sacrifices that we have endeavored to every other person we meet and bore them to death. I am not kidding, there are people who do that.

So giving up the titles will surely do good to anybody but is quintessential when it comes to spirituality.

And for God’s sake, stop telling others to go on the same road that averted us from turning spiritual.

We scare people when we tell them that they aren’t allowed to feel any emotions or feelings. We make it look so unattainable when we stress them to

  • be always right,
  • sacrifice,
  • kill desires,
  • imitate some famous Guru/Saint,
  • stop questioning.

No, don’t do that. If anyone is doing this, then he/she has never understood what it takes to be spiritual.

The above-mentioned pointers should face a natural death. I mean, with time, we will stop being their host and we can have our say in our territory, the mind. Till then we should never ever ask anyone to give them up. Otherwise, such thoughts will only strengthen if we try to control them without the basic understanding of what they do to us. So it is important to feel them first. We should ask others to observe them and see what it does to their body & mind.

Bhagavad Gita describes this in Chapter 2 58 & 59 where it narrates the difference between a Sthitaprajna and that of a man who forcefully controls his internal and external sense organs. Such a man who forcefully controls is at a loss because the next strong desire will sweep him back into ignorance.

The human minhow-not-to-meditated is as naughty as a monkey. The more you evade something, the more thoughts you spin around them.

So it is important that we understand that neither are we in a race nor are we to match perfectly with another person on the same path.

There is nothing odd about being different, in fact, I think that is perfectly the right way to be.

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Published by

Sumi Nath

I strongly believe in the maxim 'I am what I think'. A Business degree holder taught to pose 'What's In It For Me?', is now seeking to understand the Real Self. My journey is what you will read here.

4 thoughts on “Spirituality-Not Being Mr. or Ms. Right”

  1. Hey, I know you follow bhagvad Gita.
    I too do that, can you explain how to remove delusion.
    Like there’s a verse, from contemplating the objects of the senses, a man develops an attachment for them and then he goes through a delusion.
    Because, I too believe this and delusion is something that even logic cannot correct it.
    I think not thinking of sense objects is the only way to remove it,

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    1. One of my fav Chpter in Gita (2)…pure science, isn’t it?
      Mind’s JD is to ‘think’. If something needs to be done, it needs to think but how long is it on that subject is something that needs to be checked.
      Gita’s advice is not to meditate/Overthink on any sense object as it leads to attachment, which fathers desire.
      Let’s say tonite I watch certain videos at youtube and tomorrow if I log back in, it would recommend more videos on the same subject. If I continue watching then very soon I would be on amazon/flipkart odering whatever has caught my attention in the first place(which never listed in the things to buy)
      Ofcourse, mind is much more complex but surely functions on automation. So, Gita strictly advices not to ‘Overthink’. And that is very much doable if we are attentive.

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      1. Absolutely.
        I have witnessed myself that I have very strong mind, it thinks so much in so less time.
        You are right, whenever I thought of materialistic things like success, failures or my own identity.
        I felt like i was bonded, my memory got corrupted it was interfering with my intelligence to satisfy it own needs.
        But, somehow vedanta, Gita and ramakrishna mission came to my rescue.
        Now. I have started to think only on few things which matters to me and are not anyway related to sense objects.
        Though its difficult, but I think its the only way which I can attain true freedom and bliss.

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