Religious/Spiritual Advice & Scrutiny

Every advice should go under scrutiny, whether it is religious, spiritual or life advice. Perhaps the word ‘scrutiny’ sounds a bit negative but trust me when not practiced, it will reflect in our personality and can make us stand out even in a crowd(of course, for all the wrong reasons).

When we are not taking pieces of advice then we are busy copying others. Besides, Copying is not a coping method.

If something worked for someone does not mean it should work for us. And maybe it just worked because the time was right. Haven’t you heard: the story of a bird which sat right on the branch that carried the ripe fruit?

Bird is not only responsible for the fall, the fruit was ripe anyway

The ripe fruit would have landed on the ground anyhow as it reached its prime stage even if the bird decides not to sit on it. And, no two people are alike and do not believe that someone, who promises to help you more than what you could do for your self.

But yes, there can be terrible times when the mind is troubled and we just can’t listen to that inner guide.

Then, who should we listen to?

I think the emphasis should be more on picking that right advice than the right person. What I mean is, the question should rather be- Which is that right advice?

According to our seers, we should only take an advice that is consistent, comes with the right objective and good reasoning. We should listen to it even if it comes from a little kid. It doesn’t matter who delivers it if it meets those three parameters.

However, we should learn to quieten that troubled mind which is hopping everywhere and destroying everything it comes in contact with. And only then we could use that God gifted intellect and free ourselves from blindly following someone else’s view.

Trust me, the intellect only gets better as we use it and we sure don’t want to hit the grave with that one left unused, do we?

we balance the scale when we take responsibility

On the way, if we err, let’s take responsibility and learn and move ahead. Because when we take responsibility for our actions, we tend to balance the scale better. We shouldn’t let a blind belief, person or a thing run our lives for us.

So take responsibility and let every action of yours be yours. And Live and Don’t Outsource Life.

Everybody is blind here, trying to understand life in their own way and therefore we should listen more to the ones which are troubled(body & mind) and work from there.

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Sumi Nath

I strongly believe in the maxim 'I am what I think'. A Business degree holder taught to pose 'What's In It For Me?', is now seeking to understand the Real Self. My journey is what you will read here.

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