Are Feelings The Language Of The SELF?

Hey, It’s been a while since my last post, not so long, though 😛’s been just a little over 2 weeks, I guess…hmm..Anyways, I like coming back to this space to pen down my thoughts. I enjoy it ❤️

Lately my friend and I had been discussing this book titled “Conversation with God” that he been reading. He quoted multiple lines from the book. Here are few of them:

The soul speaks to you in Feelings. Listen to your feelings. Follow your feelings. Honour your feelings.

The author goes forth to say “Feelings are the language of the soul, but you must make sure you are listening to your true feelings and not some counterfeit model constructed in your mind.”

It’s an interesting read, well written and look at the title 😍. Who wouldn’t grab it off the shelf? We can draw a lot of similarities between this and the dialogue which is said to have happened some 5000 years ago between Krishna and Arjuna, called Bhagavad Gita. It doesn’t matter how many years have passed, SELF remain the same and anybody who attempts to explain the experience of the Self has to go down that road. Moreover, SELF is eternal and ever-existing and hence thankfully cannot be restricted to any religion 😂

As I was engaging with my friend in this interesting & stimulating conversation about this book, something struck me hard. I thought how is it possible for anyone to differentiate from true feelings and mind constructed ones. Is it not the mind, the policing factor here, the very faculty to comprehend. Each one’s understanding depends on their nature and faculty of understanding. With a confused mind, it becomes impossible to listen in to any feelings, let alone the true feelings of God. How can we base our judgement on that?

The purity of the faculty is an important factor here, don’t you think? Remember even though the SELF shines in murky water in all its purity, it is impossible to experience the self in all its glory. What good is the distorted view that we get through the muddled Mind? Bhagavad Gita discusses purity as Trikarana Shuddi, the Unity of Thought, Word and Deed. Gita says, we perform action( karma) through Body, Speech, and Mind. Trikarana Shuddi is keeping these three in pure state without manipulating it. Meaning Thinking one thing, speaking quite another thing (contrary to one’s real thoughts) and acting still different one are all features of an impure/confused mind. PURITY.pngThat doesn’t give us the right to say anything inappropriate to others, in the name of being honest. Use discretion.Communicate with care, compassion and love. Everybody deserves to be treated right.communicate-better-w-love_detail.jpg

I strongly believe that only a faculty which is pure can follow Gods feelings. As we transcend to higher levels beyond ahamkara(ego) then we don’t even have to worry about negative or positive feelings. Either way, Feelings are like visitors, they come and go. We all can learn to play the perfect host each time they visit us without getting carried away with a pure and undistorted MIND  😊