To LET GO and NOT TO POSSESS is indeed difficult, but not impossible 😉.

We cannot really possess anything here forever, can we? Are our possessions independent or dependent upon factors such as economy, luck, culture, inheritance, fate and many more? I am sure you will agree that it is dependent on things which is not always in our control.

Yet, our society continues to judge a persons worth by what he possess. If we have to judge somebody then define him by the things he pursues and not by his possessions. Don’t you think judging and comparing is only getting us into a race and preventing us from living a full life. All these bound mankind.

Who likes to live this life here bounded? If you are anything like me, then you would have probably started focussing your mental energy in discovering a solution to this problem😛. If you want to understand the roots of bondage then my suggestion is to engage in search in one of two ways; either by reflecting on our own experiences or to take the help of any text(that which talks about the mind). I found and agree that bondage comes mainly from 4 elements.

  1. Egocentric Desires: There is no end to it.
  2. Thoughts:  Positive or Negative both should be avoided unless necessary. How could you practice Mindfulness if you are entertaining all 60,000 thoughts a day. Try to  Live in the Present.
  3. Relations: Too much of possessiveness in a relationship breeds psychological dependence and that leads to fear. I don’t have to tell you what fear does to a relationship 😉
  4. Possessions: Money, Power, Fame, Property etc. We love them more than our lives 😀

But freedom from the above shouldn’t be taken literally. Freeing doesn’t mean you have to run away from yourself or from your closed ones. It means to free yourself from anything that bounds you down mentally, that can be fear, anxiety, stress, jealousy-anything that does not allow your mind to manifest fully. Oh, by the way, where can you run. Wherever you go, your mind, which is bound is going to accompany you anyways. I believe strongly that a strong mind can lead to a strong ME. I remind & repeat to myself zillion times the mantra: “It is My Right to Stay ‘Happy’ and I and only I have control over it”.

So, Let Go and Experience the Freedom. It would be nerve wracking to have to explain the same to a novice mind to take this route to happiness. But I am positive that my readers are all who have contemplated Life and its meaning. You know very well that happiness is not derived from our possessions but comes from the appreciation of what we have.

If we can let go of the above then we can flow like the river with freedom unbound towards the ocean, nourishing all that it comes in contact with 😊

Bhagavad Gita beautifully describes the greed around possessions

What did you lose that you cry about? What did you bring with you, which you think you have lost? What did you produce, which you think got destroyed? You did not bring anything – whatever you have, you received from here. Whatever you have given, you have given only here. You came empty handed, you will leave empty handed. What is yours today, belonged to someone else yesterday, and will belong to someone else the day after tomorrow. You are mistakenly enjoying the thought that this is yours. It is this false happiness that is the cause of your sorrows.

in shortBE HAPPY & LET GO 🙂

Arrogance born out of Ignorance


This has always been at the back of my mind, which made its appearance now and then. It all started when I was conversing with a student of mine in his early twenties. He comes forth as an arrogant person and claims himself real and thus spiritual.There had been a lot of complaints on him. When I asked him to reflect upon his behaviour. To be thankful and happy with what he has and that will reflect in his personality. He replied being arrogant is being real, which made me think. when I asked the class about their thoughts on being happy and giving happiness.

For some, happiness means meeting their demands first. The thought should be that I can’t make anybody happy if I am not happy

Some started asking questions such as what is happiness. Where does it come from? Is it worthwhile to disappoint someone when I am in capacity?

Few said they feel happiness when they share it with others.

But all agreed upon a common idea that the happiness they knew only stays with them till another sad thought takes over the mind. They said it would be great if they could experience continuous flow of happiness.

What does arrogance, spiritual or being authentic have in common? What is Spirituality?

Is it about me being happy and ignoring others and their feelings because nothing here is good or bad?

Is it to be in our ‘Happy’ state and not to check on our interactions with the world?

Is it the fear of dissonances which makes them averse and scorn the world and walk?

But History says otherwise, all Seers have lived a selfless life. Something to ponder is it not! Bhagavad Gita says “Namostute  Vyasa Vishala Buddhe”. We were told to salute and respect those who are knowledgeable as Vyasa whose intellect is vast and inclusive of all.

Spirituality is about living in bliss. To be like a river nourishing everything that it comes in contact with.

Spirituality is about giving. Understanding the impermanence of this world and practising satvik detachment.

Spirituality is about being humble. Uplifting others by acknowledging the Real ‘YOU’ in them. Patience, love and honesty should reflect in your thoughts, talks and actions.

Now that is the difference, between being spiritual and just being religious. Spirituality doesn’t belong to any religion, sect, caste or creed. It’s open for all who have the courage to change themselves then the world. It is about Living with a Positive Mind.

Does Relationships Require Our Ongoing Attention?

Although relationships form the building block for any engaging community, yet sustaining it is quite a challenge. Oh, my friend sometimes it’s quite a task 😀

Maintaining our close personal relationships requires a lot of our energy and time—you can’t deny that 😉 When growing up, I thought it was natural for us to love one another? I never realised that my parents worked hard to keep us all together but now that I have learned it, I do my bit to keep it all in place. Whenever I get overwhelmed with the demands of a relationship, I remind myself of the good times we had together. It did not come easily, especially when you are frustrated it takes a lot of strength to reflect on the good about the person/object that leads you to it. It may have taken me a while but I learnt the lesson that every moment cannot be picture perfect. So, I have learned to stand up to the challenge.

Remember it is impossible to keep everyone happy all the time- we have to stay happy to keep others happy. Give yourself time and in any healthy relationship the laughter should always outweigh the frustration.Yeah, relationship can get difficult at times but not all the time 😂😃

Do relationships need ongoing attention? Absolutely, like the same kind of attention we pay in bettering ourselves. Despite that understanding we are often tempted to take the lazy road. The road which blames others for a failed relationship or worse yet, indulges in self-blame. Look at any relationship that we have or had. Some we all might have lost to the issues of incompatibility. Isn’t compatibility something we make than what we have? Seriously I think- compatibility is the most overrated quality today.

Anyway, let’s leave it at that. Have you ever observed the Mother nature? She teaches us many valuable lessons.

It is raining here and when I look up at the sky. I wonder are we not like the clouds.

Clouds-Some battered and some softened by the weathers of life. Each cloud might carry a different story and they may differ in color, shape, speed, altitude and various others. But, all the clouds are created from the water. We fail to see the oneness behind variety and duality. Living in that ignorance, we pass judgment on another cloud based on the physical aspects alone, don’t we? Some of us have a problem with just about everything.

Instead, why can’t we indulge in more inclusive thought-provoking analysis hby asking ourselves:

 What is the fun,

  • If all clouds look alike?
  • If all drift in the sky at the same speed?
  • If all drop as rain at the same time?

Frankly, what is the fun?

If only we could look deep inside the differently shaped clouds to see what they are made of-the invisible water vapor. We got to remind ourselves that we are there up in the sky for an interim period and there we might look and behave differently from each other. And, that’s what makes it all beautiful, isn’t it?

These simple things in life ground me. Everything around us is teaching us to be humble.

ILook at the sky, it has tons of lessons to teach, only if we are willing to learn.The Sky knows everything about the clouds and they exist because of him. Though clouds are dependent upon the wind, the sky in the backdrop stays an independent observer and without bias loves the clouds anyways. These inspire me to teach myself to be more giving and patient. Not that I succeed all the time but I learn from my missteps 🙂 I recognize and appreciate our human fallibility without falling into skepticism.

I have learnt through my life experiences so far that there is no easy formula out there to building relationships but yet it’s all worth the time. Any conscious relationship-with God or our dear ones demand our love and attention. However complex they might seem at times, they are often the source of our greatest joys. So, lets strive to be that happy Sky.

Image: Calvin and Hobbes